Slowly, and silently, you pad through a forest, checking over your shoulder now and again. 

You spot a mouse, and leap to catch it. It dies, and you lean down to eat it, when a sharp voice rings out.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

You look up in surprise, and see a black and white she-cat staring at you, with a hot yellow gaze.

"That is MarshClan prey. You are on our territory."

You stare at the she-cat in surprise. "I'm sorry!" You mew. "I didn't know." Then you tilt your head. "What's MarshClan?"

The she-cat looks amused. "You have not heard of the Clans before? Well, I'm sure one of the others can explain. I am Poppystar, leader of MarshClan. Would you wish to join us? You'd have to take a Clan name, but I'm sure you'd enjoy it."

You nod happily, and follow Poppystar to an opening in the forest floor. It smells of cat, and many heads turn your way and you enter.

"Welcome to MarshClan!"


Welcome to MarshClan! This is the camp, hwere you may eat fresh-kill, get called for patrols, or listen for a Clan meeting.

The Leader's Den

The Warriors Den

The Medicine Cat Den

The Apprentice Den

The Nursery

The Elder's Den

Clan Meeting

Or go to the Territory for more place to RP